Election Day 2018 Fundraising Drive


In this critical election with so much at stake for our local communities, we must work hard to support all Republican candidates including Missy Miller, Fran Becker, & all of our judicial candidates.

The Inwood North Lawrence, Atlantic Beach Republican Committee is extremely involved in helping all members of the community and building a grass roots Republican organization. We don’t spend a lot of time on fundraising and try our best not to ask for donations except when absolutely necessary. This is one of those times. Unfortunately political campaigns are very costly, and in order to effectively get our message out from now until election day we need to raise $10,000. This “Election Day Fund Raising” drive will enable us to assist all Republican candidates in the most effective way possible. Please do me a favor and be as generous as you can to help make this fundraising effort a huge success.

Please Click Here to make a donation online, and please don’t forget to vote!!

As always, I thank you for your continued loyalty and support.